About Me

Welcome to The Serene Life and thanks for stopping by! When I started this blog I wasn’t really sure what I wanted it to become, but I knew that missed my old book blogging days and wanted to get back into the swing of writing down my thoughts and feelings on whatever tickled my fancy.

Instead of limiting myself to only writing about books, I’ve crafted The Serene Life into a place where anything goes – I love watching movies and series, I read a lot of different books, I sometimes find myself in pretty places, eating great food and enjoying exceptional wine. These are just some of the things you can expect to find here. I’m also a product fiend and love all things beauty and wellness, so you can expect the occasional makeup/skincare post to pop every so often.

This is my space to share my adventures, reviews and musings with the wider world, and I hope you enjoy your time here. Feel free to reach out, leave a comment, share a post and get chatting.

Feel free to reach out, I’d love to hear from you!

Email me about book review requests, brand collaborations/reviews or just to say hello.

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